Contract Programming

Can you not find the software you need off-the-shelf? We've been writing programs for over 30 years – since the days of punch cards – and have produced millions of lines of code. We can bring that expertise to your custom programming job. Generally we work by the hour to provide a lot of interactivity and prototyping to explore your needs, but we can do turnkey jobs as well. Whether your platform is single-tiered, triple-tiered, local or remote, Windows, Unix, iOS, or an embedded RTOS, we can either produce the software ourselves or find someone who can. We can build simulation environments, number-crunching applications, data mining, graphical user interfaces, enterprise web services, and other high-performance applications. We can help build verification suites using a variety of technologies. We can help set up team development, version control, and code review platforms. Domain specialties include numerical methods, mathematical programming, optimal control, middleware, GUIs, financial analysis, pattern classification, artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, and other computationally-intensive problem areas.